Company With Period Badges For Female Employees Under Fire, People Aren’t Going With the Flow

We’ve all worked with that one guy: his suits are always a little bit too big, his hair is too greasy, and he’s the first to tell any of the ladies in the office to “pop a Midol” anytime they’re a bit grumpy. Well, the very personification of that guy has presented itself as a store in Osaka, Japan, which requires female employees to wear a badge that alerts everyone to the fact that they are on their periods. Michi Kake is the name of the store, and it specializes in selling products related to female sexual and menstrual health.

Store executives, mostly men, came up with the policy. The badge features a cartoon called Seiri Chan, which loosely translates to “Miss Period.” Unsurprisingly, the move did not go over well and public outrage, as it is wont to do, quickly caused the executives to rethink their strategy. Now, we’re not Japanese businessmen or anything, but maybe their strategy should be something along the lines of: “Nobody cares when a woman is on her period, it should have no bearing on the work she is doing, and the last thing she wants is a giant cartoon mascot alerting others to the battlefield going on in her uterus.” It’s just a suggestion.

Cover Photo: Witthaya Prasongsin (Getty Images)

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