12 Of The Biggest Myths People Believe About Women’s Periods

If we’re being honest, most of us still aren’t sure how the human body works. Of course we’d never admit that, but deep down we know it’s the truth. One of the biggest bodily functions that’s been surrounded by myths is a woman’s period. How does it work? Wouldn’t even a video game character bleed out after that long? A Reddit thread asked users to discuss the biggest myths they’ve heard about women’s periods. Here are some of the best.

1. It Attracts Bears
Anyone asking about periods attracting bears, they do not, according to the Huffington Post. On the flip side, bears are attracted to all human smells equally. Whether it’s your body odor, your period, the food you’re eating, or whatever — the bears will come if they’re hungry because they know that a human’s presence equals food. In fact, bears are now also attracted to the sound of gunshots. They know that if they go towards the sound, there’s likely a dead animal or a live hunter that they can eat.

Myths People Have About Women's Periods

2. Don’t Cook
I know several women that still believe the old myth that you should not cook or bake when you’re menstruating, as the ingredients will not blend correctly. It sounds like a myth made up by a bunch of ladies who didn’t wanna cook or bake for a few days. “Screw em. I’m not cooking today. FORGET IT he can make his OWN damn dinner”

3. No Sex
I can’t believe so many guys (and women) still believe you shouldn’t have sex on your period. That’s some of the best sex I’ve ever had. Just put a towel down first, of course.

Myths People Have About Women's Periods

4. Can’t Get Pregnant
Sure it’s highly unlikely for you to get pregnant while on your period, the sperm can still live in there. Plus, just pull out. I mean is it really worth taking a chance on? That’s a much easier mess to clean up than having a child for the rest of your life.

Myths People Have About Women's Periods

5. Duh
Some people actually think PMS happens during a period. Dude, it literally stands for PRE-menstrual syndrome. PRE.

Myths People Have About Women's Periods

6. Blood Moon
That women are actually like some sort of were-wolf offspring and their periods happen once a month during the full moon.

7. Period Sync Up
I remember some girls at a boarding school running an experiment on it for a science fair. Not super scientific – but they did find that the only people who approximately synched up were people who were in the same dorm room, but also shared classes – i.e. You had to spend a LOT of time together, so it’s a bit difficult to test in the real world – it’s not like “put these two women together for an hour”.

Myths People Have About Women's Periods

8. Socks?
That if I walk around on cold surfaces without socks, it’ll make my period heavy.
Good one, mom.

9. No Gardening
Apparently female family members of mine in the mid-west weren’t allowed to handle food when they were on their period because it would make the food go bad. Not even allowed to walk through the garden.

10. Not That Bad
The reaction I’ve gotten from my dad/brothers/male friends is oftentimes “it can’t be THAT bad.” It can. Trust me, it can.

Myths People Have About Women's Periods

11. No Period = Baby!
I have missed months from stress or a dozen other reasons and everyone was like, “OMG YOU MUST BE PREGNANT!” And I’m like, “Well not unless I’m 11 months pregnant and still not showing hahaha I’m so alone.”

12. The Talk
Not really a myth but in like sixth grade when I had the sex talk with my mom and she talked a bit about females all she really told me was that girls bleed from their lady parts, but I wasn’t sure what their parts looked like because I hadn’t ever seen a naked girl. So I assumed that they bled from their ass because I thought being a girl was like having basically nothing down there. (Not literally nothing but much smaller mental picture than a real vagina)

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