Mandatory Person of the Year Hires Plane to Find Her Stolen Dog, Offers $7K Reward

Time magazine may have deigned Greta Thunberg as the Person of the Year, but our vote goes to the San Francisco woman who hired a plane to find her missing dog. Emilie Talermo went into a grocery store one afternoon and tied up her Australian shepherd, Jackson, just outside the store. While she was purchasing her groceries (since it was San Francisco, it’s safe to assume it was a random assortment of dog food, kombucha, and vegan meat pockets) a man in a hooded sweatshirt untied Jackson and stole him.

While most of us in her situation would make flyers, post on Facebook, and call an assortment of animal shelters, Talermo decided to John Wick the situation. She hired a plane and raised almost $7,000 to offer as a reward for whoever helps her find Jackson. Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up tracking down the dude that stole him and killed him, along with anybody else that got in her way. As of now, there’s no update about whether Jackson has been returned, but we will hold out hope for and raise our glass to both of them. Raising awareness about global warming is cool and everything, but we’ll choose a girl and her dog every single time.

Cover Photo: AJ_Watt (Getty Images)

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