Sophie Dee

Sophie Dee is an adult actress and model. She is sometimes billed as Sophie D, Mary Beth, Kirsty Hill or Toppie Lover. As of this posting, she has appeared in over 450 adult films. Her measurements are 34F-26-38.

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She chose her stage named because “a friend told me I looked like Sophie Dahl. So, that’s how I picked my name. I just added the Dee.” She has admitted to having had breast enhancement surgery, which took her C-cup to a DD, and then once again, to an F.


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Sophie Dee was born in South Wales, UK and moved to England to attend school. Growing up, she said she was “like a tomboy. I have an older brother and growing up in the valleys, we did a lot of exploring and climbing trees and getting dirty.”


Once she graduated, she held a variety of jobs. “I had so many jobs. I was a waitress, delivered newspapers, was a chambermaid. I worked at a bakery. I worked in clothes stores, sold phones from a warehouse.” She always wanted to model, but due to her height (at 5' 4"), “My friends were saying that I couldn’t.”


Sophie Dee then became a lap dancer. This led to her becoming a Page 3 model. In 2005, she moved to California and began her career in porn. “I knew I didn’t belong in a little village. I wanted to adventure out.” She added, “I’ve always been a very sexual person since I was in high school and I love attention, so I figured porn would be perfect for me.”


As far as the skin biz, Sophie Dee loves “the sex, the glam, the attention and fame.” She said the only thing she would change in her life is “I would have started porn at an even earlier age than I did.”


She has appeared in a couple of independent horror films, and in 2011, she launched a mainstream film review site, “” “I love boobs and I love movies…and my fans have always told me I should post naked reviews on Twitter. So I thought I would make my own site for it.”


As for how she prepares for a DP, Sophie Dee said, “With a lot of toys.” She added, “I always try to enjoy my scenes. I never accept anything I don’t feel comfortable doing.”


She is turned on by confidence “and for the person to know what they are doing.” Her turn-offs are arrogance and rude people. She said she’s been asked to do a double-vag or double-anal, but “I’m not able to do it because I’m just too small, one in each hole is enough for me.”


As for penis size, she said it “kinda matters. I just don’t like really small ones.” Sophie Dee is married to fellow porn star Lee Bangs. He also acts as her agent. They reside in Los Angeles.

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