Florida Man Punches Alligator While Diving For Golf Balls

Photo: ABC News

Oh, Florida Man. Never change.

The things that happen in the state of Florida are inexplicably some of the weirdest we see on practically a daily basis. Is there some sort of strange, exclusive group of people living there? Does the Bermuda Triangle send out radiation that controls the residents’ brains? Is it because the state is shaped like America’s penis? We may never know.

In the latest escapades of Floridians, a man got in a fist fight with an alligator while he was submerged in balls — golf balls, that is.

Florida Man Punches Alligator While Diving For Golf Balls

Scott Lahodik was diving for golf balls at a local golf course recently when he was confronted by someone (something) who didn’t appreciate him trespassing. An alligator out for lunch found Lahodik swimming around and, in a true oh-shit moment, decided to make his arm a meal.

“He just came and, full blast, grabbed my arm all the way back in his throat and then he started to roll with me,” he told the Orlando Sentinel.

Knowing that he had to do something or he would surely be crapped out later, Scott went into full Happy Gilmore mode and started beating on the gator. With one arm free, he started swinging for the fences and was miraculously let go by the massive reptile when he punched it by the eye.

“He rolled a couple times and then he still didn’t let go so I knew I had to do something, so I started punching him up by the eye and then he let go,” he explained.

How about a hand for Scott?

There’s nothing that can really prepare you when confronted by an alligator. If anything, the most you can do is watch Adam Sandler’s classic golf flick and come with the same confidence he did when he took on the beast. Couldn’t hurt, right?

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