Felony Meet Cute: Man Driving Stolen Car Crashes Into Woman Also Driving A Stolen Car, Aww!

They say opposites attract, but in the case of an Oregon man fleeing authorities in a stolen vehicle, he attracted the same… but opposite when he crashed into another stolen car being driven by a woman. According to the Newberg-Dundee Police they received a call about a stolen Toyota Land Cruiser driving through downtown Newberg.

A chase ensued that lasted several blocks but ended when the driver, Portland resident Randy Lee Cooper, crashed into another car. Once Cooper was taken into custody police realized that the second vehicle was also reported stolen three weeks prior. Police also found that the driver of that car, Kristin Nicole Begue, was driving under the inflence.

Somehow, nobody thought to play the Dave Matthew’s masterpiece “Crash” for these two potential lovebirds. No word yet if these two alleged criminals will meet up for some fun aka joyriding in stolen cars, when they’re released.

Cover Photo: Newberg-Dundee Police Department