The Walking Dads: The Only ‘TWD’ Spinoff We Care to See, Essentially ‘Three Men and a Little Zombie’

The Walking Dead has devolved to the type of show that makes zero headway by dragging out aimless plot lines for an entire season(s). Countless episodes blindly walking and talking, only to introduce a similar and somehow more inferior product: Fear The Walking Dead. With the expanding “TWD” Universe, Rick Grimes movies ahead and the comics complete, there’s only one thing left for the overly-confident disaster-minds at AMC to do now: The Walking Dads. Considering the ingenious similarities between Rosita’s three baby-daddies and the 1987 classic Three Men and a Baby, it’s about the only entertaining story left we have left to see for the zombie franchise. It’s essentially Three Men and a Little Zombie, eventually anyways.

Cover Photo: American Movie Classics (AMC) 

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