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The Michonne ‘Walking Dead’ Guide to Social Distancing

The Walking Dead episode “What We Become” marked the final appearance of Danai Gurira’s Michonne. After deciding to travel with Virgil, we found out the inevitable: dude’s a psycho. His family members are zombies and he keeps people captive. However, Virgil has a very good reason for doing these things: he simply wanted a friend

Social distancing has left us without our friends—they didn’t leave us, we left them. Just like Michonne, who, after finding boots among Virgil’s belongings, leaves her friends. The footwear belongs to Rick Grimes, as does a cell phone with drawings of her and Judith etched into it. There’s also a message written in Japanese: “Believe a little bit longer.” Taking this as proof of life, with Judith’s blessing, Michonne decides to just leave altogether. It’s a decision she makes for the safety of others. She’s social distancing and we could learn a thing or two from her.

Cover Photo: AMC

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