‘Friends’ Cookbook Is Coming (Which Would Be Great If We Weren’t Social Distancing)

At this point in coronavirus quarantine, you’ve probably worked your way through all the recipes you know by heart. (And even calling them “recipes” might be stretching it.) You’re sick of eating at home but too scared to go to a restaurant. And yet, if dinner ends up being spaghetti one more time, you just might throw your plate at the wall.

Well, despair no more, because there’s a new cookbook coming out and it’s perfect for you. How do we know? Because your favorite Friends made it. Yes, the TV sitcom sextet has a cookbook slated for a September release.

Friends Cookbook

Featuring over 90 recipes, this cookbook covers all your cravings, from appetizers and main courses to desserts and drinks – and they’re all pulled from, or inspired by, the show. Even fair-weather fans of the series will remember that Monica (Courtney Cox) was a chef, so it’s no wonder food was one of the things Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross bonded over.

And now you can join them, with dishes like “Janice’s Oh. My. Gawd. Pancakes” (which Janice makes for Chandler after they reunite), “The Joey Special” (one garlic and clam pizza, and one ham spread, sausage, and salami pizza), “Rachel’s Lobster with a Side of Lobster Roll” (the lobster in question being Ross), and “The Moist Maker” sandwich.

The only bummer about this mouthwatering cookbook? You can’t share these dishes at a dinner party with your friends (unless you can all handle sitting 6 feet apart and wearing masks in between bites). Coronavirus wasn’t a thing when Friends was at the height of its popularity. Sigh. It was a simpler time.

Cover Photo: NBC

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