Melania Trump’s First Lady Guide to Social Distancing Those Closest to You

Social distancing is a term we’re all familiar with now thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. But how are you supposed to stay 6 feet away from the people you love and/or live with? Luckily for us Americans, we have a social distancing role model (who also used to be a model) right in the White House: Melania Trump. The First Lady has shown us time and again how to maintain distance between ourselves and our nearest and dearest, whether that means physical space between bodies, using facial expressions to keep people at bay, or simply by being a recluse.

It’s no wonder that Mrs. Trump recently tested negative for COVID-19; you couldn’t find a person less at risk than she is for contracting the deadly disease. We tip our hats to you, Melania, and only hope that we can emulate your social distancing strategies in an effort to save ourselves. Scroll down for all of the First Lady’s social distancing hacks.

Cover Photo: SAUL LOEB / Contributor (Getty Images)

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