The Mandatory Dating Guide to Being a Gentleman From 6 Feet Apart

Six feet apart is the new long-distance relationship. Funnily enough, it’s the closest you can get these days while observing the rules of quarantine life. Now, you can spend all day swiping right or left on dating apps and then spend your night FaceTiming, Zooming, or texting with potential mates, but, for now, the days of the normal first dates (or dating at all) are on pause. You’ll have to get creative on first-date locations now that bars and restaurants are closed, especially since you need a few drinks to burn off the nerves and let the conversation flow. Sure, you can go for a walk while standing 6 feet apart, but that’s not very intimate. All in all, dating is weirder than it already was, and meeting a new love interest is harder than ever. Luckily for you, we’ve decided to create a guide to maintaining your gentlemanly standards in the time of COVID-19. Check them all out below and get dating!

Photo: Sisoje (Getty Images)

Safe is sexy: The Mandatory Guide to Dating in the Age of Coronavirus

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