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Quarantine Dating App Brings Lonely Singles Together, Makes Getting HPV More Difficult

Coronavirus quarantine is tough for single people who live alone. If you’re sheltering in place, with only Zoom work meetings, virtual happy hours with friends, and FaceTime with your parents to keep you company, you probably spend much more time talking to your pets than with actual humans. Before the coronavirus outbreak, you could easily download a dating app, meet someone, and go out for drinks or dinner. Now, you’re stuck at home with few choices to find a potential mate. Luckily, there’s a new app to fill that lonely hole in your life.

It’s a COVID-19-based dating app called Quarantine Together. If you download the app, every evening at 6 p.m., you’ll be asked if you washed your hands. If you respond yes, you’ll be connected with another app user to text. After 15 minutes of texting, you have the option to video chat. But, if the person you’re chatting with seems like they’ve been cooped up with a gaggle of cats for much longer than the required quarantine, you can just move along to someone else.

You might not find a love match, much less get laid, but you also aren’t likely to get HPV (or coronavirus) just from using it and right now, that’s good enough for us.

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