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The Best Moments From ‘The Walking Dead’ Comics Not Seen on TV

The Walking Dead comics have officially come to an end following creator Robert Kirkman’s release of Issue 193. The final installment concludes the stories of Rick and Carl Grimes, but AMC has made it clear that the series will not suffer or end even with the source material’s closure. During The Walking Dead Hall H panel at Comic-Con, Kirkman said that while the comics were “Rick Grimes’ story and Carl Grimes’ story,” the series “is about the world.” The longevity of the franchise is all but assured with the successful spinoff Fear the Walking Dead, the upcoming Rick Grimes movie making its way to the big screen, and more spinoffs currently in the works. As the TWD universe continues to thrive as the graphic novels say goodbye, we gathered six of the best moments of The Walking Dead comics that failed to make their way to the small screen. Spoiler warning!

Photo: Image Comics

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