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Dinner With Negan: How to Catch, Kill and Cook Your Own Food This Fall

The Walking Dead loves killing shit: your favorite characters, kids, the occasional zombie horde. Except for Negan. AMC’s Lucille-obsessed jester appears to be indestructible, even several seasons later. Alexandria won’t put an end to his noise and neither will the quietest of Whisperers. However, Negan’s latest living arrangements with the fraidy bunch of silent sloths coincidentally correlate perfectly with the hunting season and Thanksgiving. So while men everywhere are draped in orange and waiting for their prey, Negan is out there bringing home your bacon (literally). Dinner with Negan offers something the Food Network can’t: hunting tips from the most lovable loud-mouth, pants-shittingest ego-maniac the zombie world has ever seen. This is How to Catch a Predator (With a Predator Host). We only eat what we catch this season, even if it’s only our words. Now put on your shitting pants and let’s get to it.

Cover Photo: AMC (Getty)

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