Instagram Removes Following Tab, Invites Your Inner Stalker to Come Out to Play

When it comes to Instagram, we’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that other users can no longer see who and what you like. You can heart as many pictures of your ex’s friends as you want and they’ll be none the wiser. The bad news is that there’s a good chance you didn’t know people on your Instagram page could see what you were liking to begin with. Now it makes sense why you were being left out of all those group dinners, doesn’t it?

Yes, Instagram has made good on their promise to get rid of their oft-overlooked “following” tab. By clicking on that tab, you could see what your friends were liking, commenting on, and who they were following. If you didn’t know that was a thing, rest easy, because now it’s been completely disbanded. You are now free to like, follow, comment, and stalk whatever and whomever you want without fear of repercussion or judgmental stares. Embrace your inner stalker and thank Instagram for the permission.

Photo Credit: wundervisuals (Getty Images)

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