Mandatory Good News: Abandoned Puppy Saved From Recycling Bin by Kentucky Humane Society Employee

We now interrupt the gloom and doom of the news cycle to tell you a story that will brighten your day. A Kentucky Humane Society employee made a shocking discovery recently when she found an emaciated puppy by the recycling bin.

The dog was packaged in a taped-up box with holes poked in it. “FOUND HELP ME” was written on the side. Overnight security camera footage showed a man fleeing from the area where the canine was abandoned.

In a Facebook post, the KHS described the pooch as a “miserable looking animal” who was “raw and swollen from infection.”

“He was missing almost all of his fur, and he was bloody from the sores that covered his thin body. He was so weak from demodectic mange and malnutrition that he could not even stand on his own,” the post continued.

The dog weighed only 15 pounds, which is pretty small considering the KHS estimates his age to be between six and eight months old.

KHS named their new furry friend Liam and started treatment on the pup. Unfortunately, he ended up in the hospital after testing positive for parvovirus.

“Our team rushed him to a veterinary hospital, where he is receiving round-the-clock emergency care in their quarantine ward. Parvo is an extremely serious and highly transmissible virus that attacks unvaccinated dogs. Symptoms include vomiting and severe diarrhea. Parvo causes intestinal damage, resulting in severe dehydration and electrolyte imbalances, and it can lead to septicemia, a deadly blood infection,” KHS wrote in the post.

KHS is asking for animal lovers to keep Liam in their thoughts and stay updated with his care via Facebook.

While the situation looks a little dire, at least Liam is with caring, trusted professionals rather than on the streets or with a neglectful owner. Stay strong, Liam. Better days are ahead!

Cover Photo: Kentucky Humane Society