The Flash Ezra Miller Arrested, His Only Crime Was Being Caught in a Karaoke Bar

Ezra Miller has become a jailbird of paradise after Hawaiian authorities arrested The Flash actor for a public disturbance inside a local karaoke bar in Hilo. Apparently, singing is not their strong suit. (Neither is getting away.)

According to police, Ezra became agitated shortly after midnight when patrons began performing karaoke inside the bar. After the bar owner asked Ezra to chill out e mālie style, the actor continued shouting obscenities before grabbing the mic and attempting to ram a man playing darts. (We kinda hate karaoke too.)

Ezra was charged with harassment and disorderly conduct. They later posted bail of $500.

This isn’t the first time Ezra Miller has butted heads with the public. In 2020, a video surfaced of the actor choking a woman outside a bar in Reykjavik before body-slamming her to the snowy earth. Though admittedly under the influence at the time of the incident, no charges were ever pressed or formal investigation carried out.

At the time, rumors circulated of the actor losing favor in Hollywood. But the Vermont resident has disproved those theories with a heap of high-profile films on the horizon, including the forthcoming Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore and a standalone The Flash slated for 2023.

Maybe their next film could be about a 29-year-old barfly who travels around the world on a bender picking fights with random people drinking at the bar. Why not? We already have the movie poster:

Photos: ANGELA WEISS (Getty Images) and Handout