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Watch Grandma Throw Hilarious Tantrum at Gender Reveal Party (Just Wait ‘Til She Hears Gender Is a Social Construct)

By now, we all know gender reveal parties are a bad idea. They cause fires, inflict injuries, and are kind of pointless since people will reveal their own gender identity when they damn well please.

But some families still put a lot of importance on this bizarre pregnancy ritual (you’re basically sharing what genitals your kid has in utero to your nearest and dearest, ‘cause that’s not creepy), and inevitably, disappointment follows. After all, a gender reveal can only go one of two ways, so your chances of being bummed at the announcement are 50-50.

One grandmother couldn’t hold in her feelings about a recent gender reveal in which she found out she would soon have a great-grandson. She was so distraught, she had a proper tantrum – and it was all caught on video, which naturally made its way to TikTok, where it went viral.

“Core memory: My grandma getting upset after finding out we’re having a boy, because she wanted a girl,” expectant mother Dani Florez wrote in the clip, which begins with the family reacting to blue confetti shooting into the air. People hug, dance, cheer, and laugh at the news that a little boy is on the way. Everyone, that is, except grandma.

@_daniflorez The contrast between everyone celebrating and then her ps: she’s very happy! This was just her 1 minute tantrum #genderrevealparty #genderrevealfail #grandmasoftiktok ♬ Je te laisserai des mots – Patrick Watson

The curmudgeonly matriarch shakes her head, then stalks across the grass with a grimace on her face. She shrugs off any affection from family members and plops down on a bench. She waves her hand as if to say, “Fuck this shit” and even seems to shiver in disgust at the news.

“ps: she’s very happy!” Florez captioned the video, which has been favorited 1.1 million times. “This was just her 1 minute tantrum.”

While we’ve gotta hand it to grandma for keeping it real, we can only imagine how pissed she’ll get when she finds out gender is a construct.

Cover Photo: TikTok