Meghan Markle Donating Starbucks Gift Cards to Paid Leave Activists Is Just What Deliriously Half-Asleep Mothers Wandering Into Traffic Need

Meghan Markle is a princess. Not just because she married the gingerbread man of Windsor, but because her kindness and generosity know no bounds when it comes to the working class. This quality is perfectly exemplified in the ongoing fight for paid leave, where Markle showed her solidarity for the cause by making the ultimate sacrifice: a $25 gift card to Starbucks.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Duchess of Sussex just one-upped her civil rights predecessors not by marching on Washington or staging a weeks-long sit-in but by helping activists mainline java. She did so by sending a box of gift cards to the non-profit, Paid Leave for the United States, charged with enough cashola to buy each employee two coffees and a muffin (from the Del Taco of coffee joints).

It’s not surprising that the US is only one of a handful of nations that don’t provide paid leave for new parents. Even China guarantees 128 days of paid maternity leave. As an example of just how behind the times America is on the matter, another country on the no-paid-leave list includes Papua New Guinea, a small island nation still trying to curtail cannibalism. So there’s that.

In a positive albeit measly twist, Congress just reinstated a four-week paid leave into Biden’s social spending bill. But as we’ve witnessed the better parts of the bill hacked apart by the machete of political poppycock, there’s no telling just how long it will be before paid leave becomes a reality. With all the looming uncertainty, at least we can take comfort in knowing that a handful of activists were once guaranteed burnt coffee and overpriced bananas for a day and a half thanks to the new PSL. We love you, Princess Spice Latte.

Cover Photo: John Lamparski (Getty Images)


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