‘Sorry I Tased You’ Cake Puts Police Officer Back In Firefighter’s Good Graces

Stun gun. Photo: ferar (Getty)

In 2018, one little mistake can leave a dude castrated, so it’s nice to see something like a funny cake coming to the rescue this time around.

According to UPI, Officer Darcy Workman of the Hamilton Township Police Department responded to a local hospital last week to assist several firefighters and EMS personnel with a patient who had become “physically violent.” Workman wound up having to deploy her “TASER Self-Defense” device. Unfortunately, instead of hitting the patient with it, she accidentally “shocked” one of the firefighters on the scene.

That firefighter was poor Rickey Wagoner. From the look of things, it appears as though he wound up being just fine after the incident. How do we know? Here he is smiling in a picture with Officer Workman while the two of them hold a cake she made reading, “Sorry I tased you!”

The sad face at the bottom was a nice touch, as it not only shows that she’s really, really sorry about tasing Officer Wagoner, but also leads us to believe that she didn’t let one ounce of frosting go to waste. Nice work.

This is becoming a hilarious (yet delicious) trend: Woman Brings ‘Sorry I Tried To Bite You’ Cake To Cop After Her Arrest

It’s unknown what led to the hospital patient lashing out, but our best guess is that nobody warned him that they were about to insert the catheter.