Cops Are Out But Firefighter Fetishes Are So Hot Right Now

It’s a bad time to be a cop. But firefighters, well, they’re hotter than ever right now. As Mel magazine recently reported, those burly men and women in heavy-duty gear are having a moment – because they’re the kind of first responders who don’t kill anyone. (Welcome to America, where our standards are so low they’re subterranean.)

Though firefighters as we know them have been around in 1678, society’s fascination with them has never been more, well, fiery. It’s not just that we consider them saviors (of kittens, children, adults, and homes alike) but that we fetishize their uniforms (do you know how strong you have to be to wear all that gear?), their mode of transportation (nothing cooler than a red-hot fire truck), their tools (see: phallic-like fire hose that ejaculates water), their station design (hello – the pole!), and even their food (if you’ve never tried Shut Up and Eat It, a spicy dish supposedly born in firehouses, you’re missing out).

This must be why semi-clothed firefighter calendars fly off the shelves every year, why porn is heavily populated by firefighters, why there’s a dating site specifically for them, and why erotic books dedicate pages upon pages of raunchy text to them.

But right now, especially, firefighters are making us feel all hot and bothered because they aren’t fatal. When was the last time you heard of a firefighter intentionally harming someone? Probably never. So if you’re into crushing on hotties in uniform or even role-playing with your next sex partner, consider the firefighter. They don’t just put out the fire; they are fire.

Cover Image: Macsuga (Getty Images)

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