The Funniest Tweets About the Next Round of Stimulus Checks (If They’re Ever Coming)

Remember back in spring of 2020 when we all got stimulus checks and felt flush with cash for a hot minute? That was when we naively thought the pandemic would be over in a matter of weeks. Well, here we are, a whopping 10 months into this COVID-19 nightmare and normal is still months away.

Meanwhile, the government has been dangling the carrot of a second round of stimulus checks. The figure of $600 was finally packaged in a bill approved by the House and Senate, only to be scoffed at by Trump when it hit his (tiny) desk. In an unusually generous turn (which was probably just for optics’ sake), Trump demanded stimulus checks be bumped up to $2K. Democrats said, “Bring it!” but Republicans wouldn’t budge. After a holiday standstill (because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like withholding funds people need for basic survival), Trump signed the original bill that included the paltry $600 checks.

Americans are understandably bummed. But they haven’t lost their sense of humor. Pass the time until your government breadcrumbs arrive laughing at these hilarious tweets about the $600 stimulus checks.

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