This Super Puppy Was ‘Euthanized But Lived’

Photo: Thomas Jensen / EyeEm (Getty Images)

It turns out Rudolph “the red-nosed reindeer” isn’t the only eternal Rudolph with superpowers. There’s a black lab puppy in the Midwest with the same name defying the laws of nature.

According to USA TODAY, an Iowa pet rescue recently took in a black Labrador around 8 months old that was “euthanized but lived.” No tricks. No zombie-dog. Just a canine with an unprecedented will to live.

King’s Harvest Pet Rescue is a “no kill” shelter in Davenport that was thrilled to take in this power pup following his death defiance. See Rudolph below.

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Rudy reportedly came from a crowded shelter in Oklahoma where veterinarians were surprised to find the puppy alive after given euthanization medicine. Now, King’s Harvest Pet Rescue’s “miracle dog” has been adopted.

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So now that Rudolph has a home, the next question is: when will he have his own comic series? There are already plenty of possible spinoffs to choose from within the DC or Marvel universe, but might we suggest a classic combo?

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Josh Helmuth is a sports guy in St. Louis who contributes to Mandatory.