10 Feel-Good Dog Movies To Watch With Your Canine Companion

Photo: rez-art (Getty Images)

There’s more than enough things to watch alone in your bathrobe with a box of tissues, but there’s a short list of dog movies that are suitable to watch with your canine companion. Warner Bros. just green-lit Super Pets, based on the animals of the Justice League, so clearly our timing is impeccable.

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Now, to be clear, just because there’s a dog in a movie doesn’t mean it’s going to end well and you should be watching it with your pet. In fact, it rarely ends well. So here are our 10 recommendations for feel-good dog movies to watch with your furry friend.

More importantly, we could supply you with a list of dog movies not to watch. Like CujoMarley & Me, A Dog’s Purpose, Old Yeller or All Dogs Go to Heaven (and the sequel, however that got made).

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