Hard Seltzer Has Officially Gone Overboard With White Claw-Infused Pizza Dough

If you ever watched the comedy series Happy Days, you might be aware of an episode where Henry Winkler’s character Fonzie literally jumps over a shark on water skis. For those unaware, this moment in television history was the origin of the term “jump the shark.” Since then, the phrase has been used many times to describe the moment something was ruined. Well, now it’s hard seltzer’s turn because White Claw has officially jumped the shark.

The folks at White Claw must have heard about the practice of importing New York City tap water to other places in order to make more flavorful pizza dough. But they must not have been paying close attention because at no point has anyone heard any rumors about hard seltzer being added to the dough instead. This didn’t stop them from adding the popular hard seltzer to the dough anyway.

Yes, you read that right. The usual water is being swapped out for hard seltzer. And no, this isn’t just some weird gimmicky recipe they want you to try at home. They actually convinced a pizza chain to join them in this nonsense. Popular fast-casual chain Blaze Pizza announced that they’re now making White Claw pizza crust (for whatever reason).

The strange idea came from White Claw and Blaze Executive Chef Brad Kent who must have been thinking, “What popular product can we add to our pizzas for no reason in order to get extra press?” Well, the answer is mango-flavored White Claw. It will be infused into the crust and you probably won’t be able to taste any difference anyway. But, by all means, go try it or just eat regular pizza and probably enjoy it a lot more.

Photo: Eric Savage (Getty Images)

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