United Now Serving White Claw, Officially the Most Irresponsible Airline You Can Fly

Photo: Christopher Lane (Getty Images)

For a while, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, airlines removed alcohol from their drinks service. Since we enjoy traveling and plan to do it again once things return to some semblance of normalcy, this was a real bummer. Luckily, as things progressed, airlines changed course and brought booze back to the friendly skies. There are few things better than watching a recently released movie while you slowly sip a glass of whiskey on the rocks while you sit in a chair flying through the air. Due to the popularity of alcohol on flights, we weren’t at all surprised to learn United Airlines is set to begin serving White Claw on its flights.

Beginning in June, the airline is launching a new alcohol and snack menu that feature the infamously delicious hard seltzer brand. It starts exactly on June 1st when United customers on flights lasting longer than two hours will once again be able to purchase beer, wine, and hard seltzer (specifically White Claw Mango). This move makes United the first major airline to sell hard seltzer during flights.

The best part? United is also using contactless payment on its new mobile wallet technology on flights over two hours. On top of that, the airline is launching a new snack and premium cabin meal menu for flights over 1,500 miles and hub-to-hub flights over 800 miles.

While snacks, beer, and wine are cool, we’re definitely most excited about the impending news stories about passengers getting White Claw-wasted on future flights and causing a ruckus. It’s only a matter of time.