White Claw Releasing Harder Seltzer With Higher Alcohol Content to Make Up For Last Summer, That Should Get Our Livers All Caught Up

Photo: White Claw 

Many people dubbed last summer as the “summer of White Claw.” It was a season filled with hard seltzer-related shenanigans from Bakersfield to Bangor. Regular White Claw (which comes in a variety of fruity flavors) sits at a reasonable 5% ABV. It doesn’t taste like alcohol and this is a big reason why many people throughout the US spent the summer enjoying a few too many on multiple occasions. Since its makers obviously don’t think people got drunk enough last summer, they’re releasing a new 8% version. Get ready for White Claw wasted round two.

It’s called Surge. This is confusing to a lot of people because they’re used to be a popular lemon-lime soda of the same name. Since everything tastes better in larger quantities, this version of White Claw will only be available in 16-ounce cans for $2.99 each. It’ll also only come in two flavors at first: cranberry and blood orange.

This definitely won’t stop drinkers from over-indulging with these hard seltzers. In fact, we envision a summer with many coolers and fridges filled with these 16-ounce alcohol bombs. The reason? Even if you don’t get the appeal of hard seltzer, the rest of the public does. The hard seltzer market has completely exploded in the past few years and, with the addition of new, exciting offerings like this, it doesn’t look like its bubble is going to burst any time soon.

Below, you’ll find a few GIFs explaining just what this 8% White Claw summer is going to look like. Prepare yourselves.

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