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Jet Blue Is Now Offering Hard Seltzer Because Sure, Why the Hell Not?

If you’ve flown anywhere other than a puddle jumper between Detroit and Buffalo, you’ve likely seen a wide array of alcohol options available on board. Most planes offer a variety of mini liquor bottles to purchase to go along with a can of soda or some other mixer as well as various beer brands and even small bottles of generic red and white wine. There are enough options for even the pickiest drinker to get their buzz on. But, up until now, fans of the newest hot beverage were out of luck. That’s because hard seltzer, while widely popular in the last year, wasn’t available in-flight. That is, until now.

Jet Blue Airways has added Truly hard seltzer to its menu of in-flight beverages. The airline is the first to feature the drink on its menu. The company claims they’re trying to give customers what they want, but we know better. Sorry, fans of White Claw, you’ll have to drink this low-carb, low-sugar, sparkling beverage instead. Or make like the rest of us and get your vodka on by ordering a bloody mary.

Photo: SDI Productions (Getty Images)

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