Colorado Brewery Gets In On The Hard Seltzer Craze

Photo: pjohnson1 (Getty Images)

Colorado’s Oskar Blues is known for its award-winning beer, including Dale’s Pale Ale, Beerito, Pinner, Tenfidy, and Death By Coconut. In recent years, the brewery has also branched out to soda (sadly not hard soda) and even canned cocktails. But it’s newest endeavor might be its most unique. In 2019, Oskar Blues will launch its first craft hard seltzer. They’re calling it Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water and it will be crafted and canned at the brewery in Longmont, Colorado.

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Capitalizing on the popularity of sparkling water in the last few years, Wild Basin will be made from water from the St. Vrain River and is seen as a lighter, healthier alternative to beer, wine, and cocktails. (Although nobody is going to stop us from spiking it with even more booze.)

Oskar Blues has seen the rise of hard seltzers and realized that it’s likely here to stay. “The response from both distributors and retailers so far has been tremendous,” CANarchy President Matt Fraser said in a press release. “We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that we have product in warehouses and on shelves.”

Photo: Oskar Blues

Wild Basin will be 5 percent ABV, 100 calories per can, with zero sugar and only one gram of carbs. It’s also gluten-free and seems like the perfect way to get your buzz on while keeping your LBs down. Flavors include: Cucumber Peach, Melon Basil, Classic Lime, Lemon Agave Hibiscus and others. It’s launching in Colorado and North Carolina in January before expanding to other markets.

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On top of all of that, Oskar Blues will donate $1 to charity for every case sold. So, you can feel good about doing something great for someone else while you get your drink on. We think that’s pretty cool.