Washington Nationals

Natty Light Releases Hard Seltzer Named After the Washington Nationals, Should Be Called ‘One Hit Wonder’

Photo: Alex Trautwig (Getty Images)

The World Series is over and done with and a team that nobody expected managed to take the trophy. Prior to the season, teams like the Red Sox (defending champs), Dodgers, Yankees, and Astros looked like World Series favorites. But it was the upstart Washington Nationals (who once sat at 19-31) sans Bryce Harper who defeated the Astros in seven games to grab a very unexpected championship. To celebrate, Natural Light Seltzer became “Nationals Light Seltzer,” though given what a long shot the team was to win the title, we think a more appropriate name would be “One Hit Wonder.” The drink was available throughout the World Series at Nationals Park. We brainstormed on some other brands serious underdogs might pair well with if they managed to eke out a championship amongst the greatest of odds.

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