Florida Man Doesn’t Remember Stealing, Crashing Boat After Drinking A Few Four Lokos

Photo: via WFTV

Jonathan Race woke up in Port Orange wearing somebody else’s shorts over the weekend, but that’s likely the least of his concerns at this moment.

According to Fox 35, the 20-year-old Florida man is in deep shit after he allegedly got blackout drunk from downing a “couple” of Four Lokos outside of a Daytona Beach 7-Eleven Saturday morning, broke into the marina and stole a boat that later crashed onto the beach at full speed.

Stunned beachgoers were forced to get out of the way of the Ethel Jeanne, and officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were also stunned when they found nobody onboard the 36-foot vessel.

So how did police finally track down Race and finger him as the man responsible for stealing and then crashing the boat ashore? You guessed it: “The Florida Fish and Wildlife stated that they collected evidence from the boat, including a pair of tan shorts that contained a wallet and cell phone. A driver’s license was found in the wallet, which confirmed the suspect’s identity as Jonathan Race.”

Oops, Suzie.

Daytona Beach police officers later caught up with Race, and they asked him about what took place in the marina Saturday morning. Here’s how that went:

“He told investigators that the only thing he knows is that he woke up on the shore in Daytona Beach and walked home to Port Orange, officials said. Detectives said they asked Race if he noticed that he wasn’t wearing any shorts, but he said he woke up wearing a pair of blue shorts that didn’t belong to him.”

Race said that he doesn’t remember anything after drinking a couple of Four Lokos at the 7-Eleven across the street of the marina, adding that he “blacked out” and was “rather drunk” and was “just making stupid decisions.”

It was a solid effort from Race in trying to get the police to just laugh off what had happened, but it was also a futile one, as he was later booked into the Volusia County Jail on grand theft and burglary charges.

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