Florida Man Arrested After He Calls 911 To Get A Ride To Hooters

Photo: Instagram/Hooters

Hey, he really must have been in the mood to see some gals in orange shorts.

We all need to talk about badly 28-year-old Jonathan Hinkle wanted to go to Hooters. How badly did he want to go? Bad enough to call 911 and tell the operator that his grandmother was having a stroke at a nearby Hooters parking lot and he needed a ride. Guess what? His grandmother wasn’t having a stroke.

Police actually picked up Hinkle and took him to Hooters and they began looking for his grandmother. They found her. Three hours later. Oh, and she was fine.


“The grandmother wasn’t in any kind of distress,” Assistant State Attorney Gary Beatty said “She was contacted and he had made phone calls to 911, which you simply cannot misuse the system like that,”

So of course Hinkle was arrested and charged with misuse of the 911 system, his fourth offense.

And Hinkle also has to pay up because the Sheriff’s office is now seeking the return of $222 wasted in the search for Hinkle’s healthy grandmother.

Well, can you blame Hinkle for wanting to go to Hooters so badly? I mean, take a look at what was waiting for him.

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