Florida Man Arrested After Showing His Penis To People While Begging For Cash

Photo: Photodisc (Getty)

If that’s what he did when they didn’t give him money, imagine what he would have done if they would have given him something like 12 bucks.

According to CBS 12, a 59-year-old man begging for money outside of a West Palm Beach Citgo gas station over the weekend was arrested and charged with indecent exposure after police said he mooned several customers and whipped out his penis and balls in front of others when they wouldn’t fork over some cash.

Photo: PBSO

Constantin Preda allegedly left one woman “traumatized” after dropping his drawers and showing her his hairy poop chute, so much so that “she wanted to leave the city as soon as possible.” Who knows, based on his mug shot, it might have been because he didn’t do a very good wipe job the last time he was in the can.

Either way, you can’t just whip out your ass or your beanbag and expect to get away with it, even in Florida. Police eventually arrived on the scene, and that’s when Preda really got nasty. He allegedly became “belligerent and tried to spit on them,” and he apparently reeked of booze. He also decided to pull his pants down one last time for good measure, “exposing himself” to even more people looking on from the parking lot.

By the looks of things, our guess is he’ll be using the public defender.

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