Creative Collabs | Huf x Original New York Seltzer

Photo courtesy of Huf.

With original roots in L.A.’s Fairfax District, the Huf flagship store is well trafficked and home to exclusives that you can only purchase there (not at any other retailer and not online.) But now the popular streetwear brand is spreading its retail wings, with a new home at 125 Crosby Street in NY, and they’re going to give you good reason to stop by.

First up is a collaboration you can only purchase there – the Huf x Original New York Seltzer series. For those of you who like a drink with some bubbles, you may be a cult follower of another club soda brand (one we’ll not name), but ONYS (Original New York Seltzer) is making a comeback. Founded in 1981 by father-son duo Alan and Randy Miller, you will likely recognize these iconic little bottles, and now you can wear the logo on your literal sleeve.

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The collection features a variety of caps that share the color and naming convention of the signature flavors they’re modeled after: lemon lime, raspberry, blueberry, peach and vanilla cream. If you want the goods, you have to take the trip to New York. If you want the beverage, head to your local liquor store or order online.


Image: Huf NYC Instagram
Image: Huf NYC Instagram.
Image: Original New York Seltzer.