New York Legalizes Liquor-Infused Ice Cream (Now We Don’t Feel as Bad About Our Diet the Past 6 Months)

Photo: Rafa Elias (Getty Images)

It seems like everyone wants to add the word “hard” to products lately. A few years ago, hard root beer was all the rage. The interest in that sugary, sweet alcoholic beverage seems to have waned in the years since. But that didn’t stop the explosion of hard seltzer over the last year. While White Claw seems to reign supreme, there are now dozens of different hard seltzer brands on the market. If you live in New York State, you’re about to get another “hard” product. That’s because Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that allows companies to make hard ice cream.

Sure, it might seem like Cuomo has more to worry about these days, but that didn’t stop him from signing a bill to make the sale of ice cream infused with hard alcohol legal. This isn’t the first time Cuomo has signed bills to make boozy ice cream legal. In 2018, he made beer and hard cider infused ice cream legal.

“The craft beverage industry has experienced explosive growth in New York and with that comes a responsibility to advance regulations that help ensure long-term viability, protect consumers and provide farmers with opportunities to increase their business,” he said in a statement.

Apparently, people really want boozy ice cream and this bill will finally allow them to stop making it at home while helping out the dairy farmers and processors as well as ice cream makers and distillers. All in all, it gets New Yorkers another food item they can ingest to get their buzz on while helping to prop up some businesses that are reeling from COVID-19.

Sadly, we won’t be seeing any 100-proof whiskey ice cream any time soon as the bill set a limit at 5 percent ABV. It’s also only available to people 21 and over. That’s OK because we already eat way too many pints of ice cream every week during the pandemic. Why not get drunk while doing it?

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