ice cream

RANKED! The Strangest Ice Cream Flavors We’ve Ever Considered Eating

Photo: Amy Stocklein Images (Getty Images)

When it comes to creamy, cold, refreshing, summer treats, it’s really hard to beat ice cream. Pretty much the most adaptable dessert (or meal depending on your mood), ice cream is the summer months in food form. Dripping down your arm all the way to your elbow, chock full of various, seemingly random chunks of chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter, ice cream is the perfect summer snack. For years, it seemed like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry reigned supreme, but now the world of ice cream seems to be wide open. Crazy concoctions abound.

From butter and lobster to a stinky Southeast Asian fruit to steak and bourbon, there’s no limit to what ice cream makers will think up. Check out some of our favorite strange flavors below.

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