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Original Super Mario Bros Game Sells For $114K (Now We’re Pissed at Mom For Tossing Out Our Stuff)

If you were alive in the ’80s, there’s a pretty good chance Santa Claus, your parents, or someone else bought you a copy of the first Super Mario Bros. game for Nintendo. The side-scrolling, 8-bit game that consisted of jumping headfirst into blocks to gain coins while avoiding goombas, koopa troopas, piranha plants, and other nefarious foes in an attempt to complete a stage was simple and fairly easy.

We spent hours huddled in front of our TV (likely in our parents’ basement) trying to beat this game. But that didn’t stop most of our parents from throwing away (or selling) our Nintendo Entertainment System and all of our games the moment we moved out. Looking back, just because we miss those days of blowing on the cartridges for a half hour before they would work, we wish we still had all of those games. This is especially true when we see a game we owned sell for a lot of money.

That’s because an original Super Mario Bros. game sold at auction for a whopping $114,000. That’s right, $114K for a game we all once owned. The original game from 1985 was sold last Friday at international auction house Heritage Auctions to an unnamed buyer. But, it’s safe to say whoever forked over that kind of cash has a major soft spot for the classic video game franchise.

This ridiculous amount of money is the highest price ever paid for a video game. You might be wondering why exactly an ancient video game sold for so much. Well, it’s because not only was this game never played, it was never even removed from the box. Also, the box itself is almost perfect.

This story makes us wonder one thing: is time travel possible? Because, if someone has a DeLorean, phone booth, or some other time-traveling contraption, maybe they went back to 1985, grabbed a copy, and hopped back in. That’s a pretty good payday for a quick trip. Let’s hope they grabbed a few packs of Garbage Pail Kids while they were there.

Photo: Nintendo

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