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RANKED! Top 12 Classic Nintendo Games to Pass the Quarantine Time

By now, most of us have been stuck in our homes for weeks with no end in sight due to the coronavirus pandemic. Working from home might take up a good portion of our day, but that still leaves seemingly endless hours of boredom spent binge-watching TV shows and playing yet another board game. Luckily, there are always video games. We can turn off our brains, stop thinking about the outbreak and get our game on. And no, we’re not talking about contemporary games.

We’re all about getting on the nostalgia bandwagon, returning to a time when pandemics only happened in the movies. The original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is the source of this nostalgia. To help you decide what to play, we’ve graciously ranked our favorite classic Nintendo games. And don’t even think about telling us we’re wrong because if your favorite game isn’t on this list, then it’s really not that great of a game anyway.

Photo: Nintendo

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