Ranked! Mandatory Top 12 of 2020: Video Games of the Year

The gaming community is stronger than ever going into 2021; “F”s have flooded chats at an alarming rate. While the productions of our favorite television series and hotly anticipated movies were shut down due to COVID-19, video games were still being released and streamers continued being active on Twitch and YouTube. Many who considered gaming a distraction, embraced it as a hobby; newbies were welcomed by veteran gamers with open arms. This is not to say that the pandemic normalized gaming. Oh no. Gaming has been swiftly taking over for decades. This year merely accentuated the art form’s accessibility, reliability, and relevance. Video games aren’t going anywhere, they will only get better until they become the Mandatory source of entertainment.

For those triggered by the cover photo, this list will not blow smoke up the rear end of Cyberpunk 2077—its deplorable amount of bugs and inability to be enjoyed on the consoles for which it was intended forbid such a heinous act. This list will pay homage to the most notable video games of 2020. The games we enjoyed and the ones that will go down in history as reshaping the industry. 

Cover Photo: CD Projekt Red

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