Ranked! Mandatory Top 10 of 2020: Free-To-Play Video Games of the Year

“Free” is music to our ears (especially in this economy). “Free-to-play” hasn’t always sounded as alluring as one would think; so-called “free” bogged down by a stampede of microtransactions. These days, gamers can button-smash (forgive the term) for hours without ever “making it rain.” In a year where everyone’s watching their pocketbooks, free-to-play gaming is more relevant than ever. We’ve compiled some of the best and most popular free-to-play video games of 2020. No, Fornite will not be on this list. Yes, this list is perhaps overly concerned with shooters, battle royales, and MMOs/RPGs. When in Rome. 

Cover Photo: Digital Extremes

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