Nintendo Nostalgia: Unopened Copy of ‘Super Mario Bros. 2’ Sells For Ridiculous Amount of Coin

Photo: Nintendo

If you’re a child of the ’80s (or even the ’90s) or you own an NES Classic Edition, you’ve probably spent a long time playing Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3. But if like us you got a copy of one of these classic Nintendo games for your birthday, Christmas, or for acing a big test, you probably tore the package open without thinking about it, ripped the game out, and immediately got your game on, leaving the crumpled box in your wake.

Hindsight is 20/20, but you shouldn’t have done that. That’s because someone just sold an unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. 2 (a game that was originally released in the US in 1988) for a ridiculous amount of money.

A woman name Patricia Martin Floyd was most likely not a gamer because when she died, a treasure trove of Nintendo Entertainment System games was found in her house. An auction house was hired to conduct the estate sale. This is where an almost mint-condition copy of Super Mario Bros. 2 was auctioned for the crazy amount of $88,500.

The appraisers found the game when they were going through a bunch of Nintendo games. They even played some open games, including Duck Hunt and Qix before noticing the unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. 2.

Obviously, they didn’t open it. Instead, they brought in an expert to examine it. It was given a near-mint condition rating of 9.8+. While the almost $90k price tag might seem like a lot, it’s not even close to the most expensive video game ever sold. A sealed copy of Super Mario 64 sold for $1.56 million back in July.

While it’s unlikely that any of us managed to squirrel away any unopened copies of iconic, classic video games. We think the time is right to start looking through our closets just in case.


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