8 Funny Videos About Real Life Super Mario

In the Super Mario games, you can warp between worlds with a magic pipe and put on a raccoon suit to fly. That’s some trippy s***! What would happen if Mario lived in our world, with our stupid gravity and relationship problems? The internet comedy world jumps at the chance to answer that question. Here are 8 funny videos about real life Super Mario:


Real Life Super Mario: Brick Block

Realistic Mario makes-a me so sad!


Real Life Super Mario Logic

I thought they were gonna touch each other’s mustaches for the entire video.


Real Life Super Mario 3D World

It’s not just a cat suit. It’s a way of life.


Real Life Super Mario – Mario’s Ex

I like any relationship rule made while jumping out a window.


Real Life Super Mario – Our World

Mario’s greatest adversary: oncoming traffic.


Real Life Super Mario Is A Furry

Let him out, Mario!


In Real Life, Super Mario Is Too Mainstream

In the next game, Mario’s getting a normcore suit.


Real Life Super Mario: Game Over

The Mushroom Kingdom is Mario’s Vietnam.


Geoffrey Golden is a bestselling author and Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator comedy book series.