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People Are Going Medieval in Quarantine With Pulley System Food Deliveries

If you’ve been in a grocery store in the last few weeks, you’ve seen that people are going to great lengths to avoid contracting the COVID-19 virus. The aisles look like some kind of post-apocalyptic wasteland with no toilet paper to be found and everyone dressed like characters from The Road Warrior, complete with masks, gloves, and sometimes trash bags from head to toe. It’s enough to scare someone into refusing to go into a public place until the panic dies down. Luckily, thanks to some ingenious people, you can still get food deliveries on quarantine. You might have to use some kind of medieval contraption to get the grub up to your apartment, though.

A couple of people in Missouri decided that although they wanted pizza, they didn’t want to venture down from their second-floor apartment to retrieve it. They decided to create a pulley system where they lowered a box down to the pizza delivery driver. Inside the box was the payment for the ‘za and a nice tip for the driver. They yelled down and asked the driver to take the money and put the pizza in the box. Then they pulled it back up and enjoyed their coronavirus-free cheesy treat. Don’t believe us? There’s a video to prove it.

Photo: South_agency (Getty Images)

These innovators aren’t the only ones going to great length for food. A restaurant owner located in East Hollywood, California, was forced to close her restaurant, but she wanted to still be able to serve food to people. Instead of just paying someone to deliver it or some type of curbside pickup like many breweries and restaurants are doing, she rigged a pulley system with a bucket and a rope. She makes food in her fourth-floor apartment and hoists it down to customers waiting below. Her technique is so interesting and goofy that Jimmy Kimmel even mentioned it in his opening monologue a few days ago.

But wait, there’s one more. A liquor store in Webster, New York, took the medieval approach to safety one step further. They set up a table outside of the store where customers tell them what bottle they want, they get it for them, the customer puts money or a credit card into a basket at the end of a stick and the clerks goes back inside only to return a few minutes later with their receipt in the bucket on the end of a stick.

All in all, it’s obvious that the COVID-19 outbreak has made everyone more creative. We’d hope that someone in quarantine might write the next great American novel. But, we’ll settle for pizza and booze procurement devices instead.

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