Meanwhile in Florida: Man Trapped on Property With 200 Parrots, Neighbors Send Condolences to the Parrots

Chances are, you’ve spent the last few months quarantined with one or more people, maybe even your girlfriend. By now, there are probably at least a handful of things she does on a daily basis that grate on you. They’re probably really little things in the grand scheme of things. Maybe she leaves her dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is empty. Perhaps you just realized that she makes a strange slurping sound when she eats cereal. Either way, it’s not that terrible. It could be way worse. You could be stuck in an animal sanctuary with 200 squawking birds.

Florida man Majid “Magic” Esmaeili is the unlucky soul stuck with all those parrots, cockatoos, macaws, and various other birds. But, unlike you, he’s not stuck in his home because of COVID-19. He’s stuck inside the Zaksee Parrot Sanctuary in Tampa, Florida, because of an ongoing property dispute with his neighbor.

You see, this very intelligent man purchased the animal sanctuary year ago. The problem is that when he bought the property it was (and still is) surrounded by other private properties on all sides. He doesn’t even have a driveway or path to leave and he’s currently trapped.

How did he get trapped, you say? Well, he bought the property from his neighbor Lynda Fowler who runs a ranch and horseback riding center in one of the adjacent properties. She had been allowing him to use a path through her property. But recently she added locks and won’t allow him to go through.

Why did she do this? She said that he’s been jumping out of the woods, acting erratically, and scaring the children while they ride her horses. In the time the gates have been locked, Esmaeili says he has run out of food and is eating bamboo and bananas that grow on the property to survive. Who knows how long he’ll be stuck.

There’s a simple moral to this story, though. Don’t buy a property surrounded by other properties on all sides with no way out. And, if you do, don’t run around yelling and scaring children unless you want to get trapped inside.

Photo: Busakorn Pongparnit (Getty Images)

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