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Guy Fieri Claims He Enjoys Salads and Vegetables, All Evidence Contradicts (Plus No One Believes Him)

If you know anything about Guy Fieri, you know he’s the wild man of the Food Network. He has crazy, spikey frosted tips, sunglasses that belong at a mall Sunglasses Hut in 1998, and penchant for deep-fried, cheese-covered, artery-clogging foods. The human bowling shirt travels from coast to coast gobbling up loaded nachos, cheese-covered burgers, and blue cheese-covered chicken wings on his TV show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. But, in a recent interview, he claimed that he (gasp) enjoys a vegetable every now and then.

Let us first make it known that we don’t believe Fieri. His blood is likely made up mostly of nacho cheese by now and the thought that a piece of steamed broccoli has ever passed through his lips is truly unbelievable.

In an interview with correspondent Mo Rocca on CBS, the mayor of “Flavortown” said that he doesn’t only eat “fried cheeseburger, hotdog, corndog, pretzels covered in cheese.” In fact, when the cameras are off, he doesn’t stuff his face with deep-fried Oreos and jalapeno poppers.

“Veggies are my game,” he said while Rocca likely shook his head in disbelief. He then told the humorous reporter that he loves salad, spaghetti squash and whole grains. He even enthusiastically shouted that he’s actually a big fan of farro. He says that his affinity for veggies and healthy fare is due to his parents being “hippies,” but we’re not buying it.

Fieri can go on any news show he wants and spout out stories of eating dry salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but we know better. This guy is eating deep-fried turkey legs two at a time and washing them down with a jug of Code Red Mountain Dew. You can’t fool us, Guy.

Photo: NBC (Getty Images)

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