Beer and American flags. Perfect for July 4th, Independence day. Selective focus.

No Fireworks, No Prob: The Most Explosively Hoppy Beers to Drink on the Fourth

This year, the Fourth of July is going to look quite a bit different from most years. Just like the cancellation of St. Patrick’s Day parades back in March, many cities have decided not to put on fireworks displays this year. It seems like a no-brainer to us. A giant crowd of people standing shoulder to shoulder while they stare gap-mouthed at a bunch of explosions in the sky? Yeah, that’s a recipe for a COVID-19 disaster. So, this year, even if your city is still planning a fireworks display, stay home. Instead of fireworks in the sky, opt for sparklers and explosively hoppy beers at home.

Lucky for you, we did the work for you. We selected eight of our favorite hop-centric beers that pair perfectly with social distancing and a Fourth of July spent at home. Check them all out below.

Cover Photo: LOVE_LIFE (Getty Images)

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