RANKED! The Mandatory 10 Best Rums to Buy

It seems like in this whiskey-obsessed world, sometimes rum gets lost in the shuffle. Unless you’re an ardent fan of the molasses or sugarcane juice-based spirit, you might have taken it for granted in the last few years. But whiskey drinkers would be doing themselves a major disservice if they didn’t give some aged rums a try. And we aren’t just talking about the amazing cocktails like the Dark ‘N’ Stormy, Mai Tai, Mojito, and the classic Daiquiri. We’re talking about drinking rum neat or on the rocks just like you do with your bourbon, Scotch, or rye.

The spirit is much more than harsh, rubbing-alcohol-like, cheap white rum. Many white rums are sweet, nuanced, and smooth. But, there’s also dark rum and spiced rum. Check out some of our favorites below.

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Photo:  bhofack2 (Getty Images)

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