Deep Dive: My Girlfriend Is the Loudest Quarantine Coworker I Never Wanted

It’s a whole new world out there thanks to coronavirus. And by “out there,” we mean in your living space as well. If you’re like many of us, you find yourself working from home, possibly with your girlfriend. While at first, this seemed like it would be all fun and games (and sex on demand), several weeks in, you’ve realized that your girlfriend is the loudest quarantine coworker you never wanted. We feel you, but don’t freak and do something impulsive like break up with her just because her phone voice is the most annoying thing you’ve ever heard. Instead, figure out how to make this working at home situation, well, work for you. In this deep dive, we’ll walk you through how to work at home, together, step by step.

Cover Photo: Darren Robb (Getty Images)

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