Ranked! The Hottest Macro-Mini Skirts From New York Fashion Week

If you haven’t been paying attention to New York Fashion Week (NYFW), we don’t blame you. Ogling outrageous ensembles seen on emaciated models sashaying down the runway isn’t exactly our thing, either. But one catwalk trend definitely caught our eye this time around: micro-mini skirts.

What are they, you ask? Well, they’re like mini skirts…but shorter. Say less, right? We are so excited for women to start strutting around in these itty-bitty pieces of fabric that can only aspire to be considered appropriate streetwear for the non-hooker set. Talk about Pretty Woman vibes for days.

While technically these skirts are part of the Fall 2022 collections, we say spring has sprung! (Or maybe that’s just us?) In honor of this bold fashion trend, we rounded up and ranked the sexiest micro-mini skirts at NYFW.

Cover Photo: Udo Salters/Patrick McMullan (Getty Images)


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