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Grandma Takes Down Robber With Crossbow

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Now they understand why her favorite The Walking Dead character is Daryl.

Sure, your grandma bakes cookies and tells you how much better life was back then. But Anji Rhys isn’t that type of grandmother. According to Metro, Rhys, who is a former Thai boxer, sprung into action when she discovered that a gang of robbers had broken into her home looking for some weed. So what did Rhys do? She grabbed her crossbow and shot it at one of the robbers.


They kicked down the door of the home in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, that she shares with her partner Rebecca McCarvel, 42, son Dillon, 22, and her elderly mother. But the gang had not only gone to the wrong address – they had picked on the wrong person to rob. Rhys, 49, said: “Ironically, I had put 24 hours in police custody on the television and it was 33 minutes in. I heard what I thought was a massive explosion and then I realized it was my front door that was being kicked in.

I ran there and was met with a masked man with a hammer. He was about 6 foot 6 tall with a blue bandana hiding his face. I ran and grabbed my crossbow and had a little tussle with a second man who had a machete. He went to grab it, but I managed to spin and shoot him in the belly with it at close range. He shouted ‘You f**ing bitch, you shot me”. At that point he fell on me, cutting my hand with the machete.

I tried to throw the cross bow through the window to raise the alarm but the curtains caught it like a goalie net.” She said her partner managed to push away the man. He was bleeding over the floor, table and door.

Rhys says she keeps a crossbow for protection: “I wish I had another four cross bows,” Rhys says. “It is a man stopper. It is the most powerful pistol cross bow. I had it loaded. I practice with it in my garden, which is 130 feet long. The bolt I shot him with was dirty because I had been using it. It was six inches long and disappeared into him.”

The robbers were able to get away, even while wounded. Police are on the hunt. Rhys did suffer injuries to her head and hand, but her neighbor has now installed CCTV for them.

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Well, my grandma would have talked the robbers into submission, so there’s that.